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Nintendo 3DS: 25th March UK Launch, Retailer & Price Roundup

March 24, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

The last few months of waiting for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console is nearly over as tomorrow March 25th in the UK, the highly sought after device will be released into the clutches of many waiting customers. Here at OSM we have brought you news right from the start whether its been rumored spec listings, commerical, pictures, videos, tear downs and so on, and with many retailers opening their doors tonight for midnight launches, we thought it only fair to give you a quick rundown of where to get your device.

If you’re thinking of heading to the main launch pad for the 3DS arrival, then you will have to travel to HMV in London’s busy Oxford Street where you will no doubt be met by many others. Here the doors will be opening at midnight where for the first 500 customers, you will be given goodie bags including T-shirts, special edition of the Nintendo magazine, a space blanket to keep you warm and gaming rewards. As well as this, a VIP party will be carrying on with special guest music stars Plan B and Parade to name but a few. To stand any chance of getting into the event, you have to hold a Club Nintendo Membership and enter into a prize draw. As well as the main hub of Oxford Street, HMV will be opening in some 99 other stores across the country.

Moving onto Game and GameStation. Again, doors will be opened for the midnight launch so advice is to get there early. Game alone will be opening some 100 stores.

If for you, your preference is to shop somewhere else, then supermarkets Morrison’s will be offering the device for £187 with a £10 holding deposit being taken. Pre-orders as Mike here at OSM said, have already got underway with a store pickup stated as being Thursday 31st March, that’s if you can obviously wait that long. In order to do this, the console can be ordered in-store or over the internet at their official website.

Two other big rivals to Morrison’s, are Asda and of course Tesco. Tim here reported that Asda and Tesco are in fact offering the Nintendo 3DS at a price of £187 too. Ok, so all 3 stores are offering the device at the same price, but if you look more closely it actually comes down to colour choice. The aqua blue model is only being offered at Morrison’s and Tesco’s, whereas Asda are retailing both the blue and black versions.

Before we finish we just wanted to remind you that will also be offering the device for the same above price in both colours with a release of 25th March, but without actually ordering one, its difficult to speculate when you will receive it.

Tell us where you will be tonight/early hours tomorrow? Give us your thoughts on the device after receiving it, we would be interested in your feedback.

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