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CTIA Sees HTC HD7S: Reviewed Up Close And Personal

At the very start of this week, we brought you news of 2 new smartphones to land on the AT&T banner, that of the LG Thrill and the other the HTC HD7S, and its the latter that we wanted to bring you up to date with. Recently seen at the CTIA event, we wanted to give you news on its specification sheet as well as some fantastic images of the handset courtesy of Slashgear.

The HTC Windows 7 handset will be the third offering from carrier AT&T, and will include a big 4.3-inch screen, although Slashgear did comment that the phone actually feels lighter than this. Apart from the sheer fact that it is offering WP7, the phone itself includes an impressive WVGA Super (S as in the name) LCD front display, 1GHz of processing power, 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash on back, as with the EVO 4G it will include a built-in kickstand at the top for landscape use, although our source did point out that the stand did not compare to its neighbour the Thunderbolt in terms of how strong it felt.

CTIA Sees HTC HD7S: Reviewed Up Close And Personal

Another fantastic feature is that of media service known as U-verse which you can sign up to for a fixed monthly fee. In turn you can pick out various media content from movies to music.

Chris Ziegler over at Engadget has also spoken about the HD7S and although the display for him is pretty impressive, the rest of the handset is just average, he said it can be compared to that of the original HD7.

The HTC has now got the inclusion of the new updated “NoDo” Windows 7 platform, which coincidentally was announced this week, which in turn will give users the accessibility to copy and paste through WP7 devices and as BGR reported, support for “tombstoning” which will improve the service you get from Marketplace searches, bug fixing and support for CDMA devices will be stepped up.

Give us your thoughts on this new HTC HD7S? Can you see this being a strong contender?