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Pawlenty Presidential Exploratory Committee Announced On Facebook

March 21, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Pawlenty Presidential Exploratory Committee Announced On Facebook

At OSM we have often reported on the growing use of social networking and social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, in politics. Just recently we’ve told how the Prime Minister’s Office in Japan has launched an English-Language Twitter account for quake updates and we also told how Twitter and Facebook are helping the youth of today to engage more with poitics. Today we have news that in the U.S. a presidential exploratory committee has been announced on Facebook.

Tim Pawlenty is the first well-known republican to take the step towards running for President in 2012. The papers to establish the exploratory committee have been filed and the move was declared with a video on Facebook. Kendra Marr over on Politico points out that Pawlenty has been working towards the move for GOP nomination for over a year and in his Facebook message Pawlenty said, “Join the team. Together, we’ll restore America.” You can see the video with his announcement below this story.

The former Minnesota governor launched a patriotic appeal with flags waving in the breeze against scenes of hardship and strife. Announcing the move on Facebook illustrates the growing trend for politicians to climb on board the social media wagon and an aide for Pawlenty said that using the platform was an acknowledgement of how many people now used Facebook saying, “As we seek to turn the tide of history here in America, we chose Facebook because a community of motivated citizens will be central to the success of our efforts.”

Apparently Pawlenty’s Facebook account received around 2,000 ‘Likes’ before the end of the announcement, a rise of 3%, according to techPresident. What are your thoughts on a presidential exploratory committee being announced on Facebook? Is it a sign of moving times and do you think social media will continue to increase its impact on politics? Let us know with your comments.

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