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Nintendo 3DS ASDA Price: Joint Cheapest Place To Buy

March 21, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Any UK residents will be delighted to know that the Nintendo 3DS is being released this week… four days from now in fact. We previously reported on Morrison’s being the cheapest place to get your little 3D console from but now they have been joined in the race to get one.

Other stores have also tried to compete to get your sale as they have reduced the markup to get you guys into their shop. We previously saw Tesco’s who we know hate to be beaten on their prices offering deals early on. With that being the case ASDA has now joined the party and matched the prices of all its competitors by offering the device for £187.

The main difference that we can see here is that all of the other stores seemed to be offering the reduced price on only the aqua blue version of the 3DS where as ASDA are offering both the blue and the black version for the reduced price.

One thing that you have to remember before you go ahead and pre-order your device is that you cannot use the R4 cards with them, they have some kind of logging system that will actually brick up your device if it’s used in that manner. We are also looking forward to the hack videos that are sure will pop up using the 3D camera. Anyway, if you would like to place your order at ASDA then use this link to be directed to their site.

Have you seen the 3DS for a cheaper price anywhere else or has ASDA just secured your order? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Southend_Red says:

    Tesco had the best deal I think. The 3DS for £197 and any game just £10! So if games are going for £30 that makes the 3DS on £177.

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