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MacBook Pro 15 & 17-inch GPU: Freezing Glitch Reported

March 21, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Apple MacBook Pro range was refreshed just a few weeks ago, and there will no doubt be plenty of you that are more than happy with your updated laptop. But today it seems that Apple may be about to contend with the device overheating and freezing when subjected to multiple programmes being run.

The information from Engadget comes from Apple’s official customer forum from which 44-pages have been noted listing such problems. Although Steve Jobs company are aware of the situation and have put it down to a firmware or driver-related issue and not the hardware, it seems the problem may be due to the new AMD graphics which have now been included.

Although the Radeon graphics were seen to be a big selling point, it appears that when they were switched over to integrated-only, the problem is then rectified.

Over at, it was reported that one of the many customers to take to Apple’s forum was a user by the name of Jeffles. The post read that they had been experiencing problems with their 15-inch model. The device was intermittently “freezing hard” where the system does not respond to any input from the mouse, trackpad or keyboard.

They went on to say that the problem was first realized when a rented movie from iTunes was played back in fullscreen mode, and then the problem persisted. In order to rectify the system’s problem, the user in question tried to configure a 2008 programme and re-install the Mac OS X software but without success.

Give us your thoughts on these MacBook Pro problem areas? Have you yourself been affected and voiced your opinion on the Apple forum? Let us know.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I was ready to buy a MBP but I'm gonna wait till the dust settles on this one.

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