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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: YouTube Person Finder Reaches Out

March 21, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: YouTube Person Finder Reaches Out

As the presumed death toll and missing persons list rises to over 15,000, we still look on in complete disbelief at Japan’s earthquake and tsunami that took place just over a week ago on the 11th March. Here at OSM, since those fateful few hours, we have given you updates as to how social networking sites have helped in the crisis as well as how you can help with the relief fund. As well as Facebook and Twitter doing their bit to help, Google have also set up their “Person Finder” tool enabling people to search for their loved ones.

Just in the same way, video sharing site YouTube have now set up their very own Person Finder service which will link to Google’s. The tool as stated by Pocketlint will work using exactly the same principle but by video form. Currently people being accommodated at temporary shelters will benefit from this service.

Presently it has been reported that some 80 videos have hit the video sharing site with footage being taken from Japanese broadcaster TBS.

In a short statement from YouTube, they said, “Our hope is that this channel will help victims and their families to establish each other’s safety, and that the video messages will reach many viewers and motivate them to contribute to the recovery and restoration of the disaster-stricken areas.”

Have you been following the events of the 11th March? What are your thoughts on YouTube being used in this way?

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  • Rubeson

    sent me japan tsunami video clip, and my depast condolace for effected people by tsunamy