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HTC Thunderbolt Battery Unfulfilment: Your Thoughts

March 21, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Officially last week on the 17th March, the HTC Thunderbolt finally arrived, even though its fair to say, a large percentage of you were disappointed with the constant release delays. On the whole the new HTC has lived up to its high expectations, although as with many new devices, it has experienced one or two teething problems.

Just two days ago we reported on some issues surrounding the sending of and receiving of SMS messages which indicated that a bug was causing the interference. Some of you had experienced problems with not just the sending of a text but receivers of the message had reported that a SIM card number was showing up instead of the phone number, along with many of you receiving double messages instead of the one.

Today what grabbed our attention are reports of the 1400 mAh battery and how the new 4G LTE network is “killing the handset’s life.” One of the big selling points to this phone was indeed the faster internet speeds created by the 4G LTE network. Over at, to get a fair analysis of this, they tested out the handset to see what would happen to the juice life?

Sascha Segan noted in relation to 3G talk time on the Thunderbolt, he managed to get a fairly good result of eight hours, in terms of video playback time he got six hours, but only 2.5 hours of LTE streaming.

If for you this is causing no end of problems particularly if you use the phone all the time, then there is an answer but it will cost you! A bigger 2750 mAh battery will be offered in the not so distance future for a price of $49.99, this news comes from Verizon’s director of accessories Pat Bucci. As pointed out, that although it will rectify the problem with usage, it will in fact make your HTC a little heavier, in fact an ounce on top of the 6.5 ounces already found.

As well as purchase of a new battery, Verizon be will offering a desktop dock for $59.99 or even a second standard battery for $39.99. Next month in order to support wireless charging, the big red carrier will be offering its customers a new Qi-compatible back for $29 and charging pad $69 for the device.

To find out further information on any of the above, head on over to Give us your thoughts on the new HTC Thunderbolt? Is it everything you imagined or are you one of a number experiencing problems such as the SMS messaging or decreased battery life?

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