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YouTube Hero Casey Speaks Out About His Incident

March 20, 2022 | Matt Tran

We brought you the powerful story of “Casey (the punisher)” last week, the brave lad who has caused a real stir on YouTube of late. Casey has spoken out about the incident which has given him worldwide heroic status as he fought back against severe bullying.

The 16 year old school boy who’s full name is Casey Heynes said “All I was doing was defending myself, i’ve never had so much support.” According to, the school boy said “he just snapped” after being hit in the face, but did fear others would jump in to hit him after he taught the first coward a lesson. Since the video was uploaded, news stations have been fighting to get Casey’s story.

The year 10 student was being recorded on a mobile phone by other pupils, as a smaller school bully in a lower year was mocking him about being overweight whilst punching him in the face. Casey was on his own as a crowd gathers, before lifting the bully up and slamming him hard into the ground. This viral video will serve as inspiration to anyone out there who has been a victim of bullying as a huge amount of support has been given to Casey for his actions.

The original video was taken down by YouTube but several other versions have been put up. We have embedded one for you below but they are being taken down rapidly, due to so called violence so be quick. I fully support what Casey has done like millions more, but others are criticising him for nearly breaking the bullies neck.

This story is just as good as “the man with the golden voice” in terms of social good. Hopefully Casey’s story will inspire victims out there to fight back, I am sure it has also opened the eyes of many bullies out there. Let us know your thoughts and leave us your support for Casey in the comments below.

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  • gabby

    goooooooo Casey your soooooooooooooo
    breave unlike me

  • Tim Frohlick

    Bullying creates bullies. I firmly support knocking someones block off if the need arises.