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Online Career Communities: Changing the World of Work

March 20, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The use of technology and also social media is impacting upon every aspect of daily life now and one area that’s seeing big changes is the world of work. Not only do new innovations affect the way that companies work but also the way in which we, as individuals, manage our careers.

One of the easiest ways to find out about what’s going on is with online career communities and Sharlyn Lauby over on Mashable has put together a useful list of 5 of these communities which could prove invaluable with some of them also offering job opportunities. The first is probably the most known to many of us and that’s LinkedIn, a social networking site aimed at professionals. Over 90 million people now use LinkedIn and it’s a great way to network with other business-minded people. A LinkedIn profile can now be a really useful way of promoting yourself in the job market and also pick up hints and tips from other professionals who may have a lot to say that could benefit you.

Another community is, which is described as “the network for career communities,” with many individual networks for different industries and locations and many channels informing of companies that are hiring. The next site highlighted is Monster’s Careers Advice Forum, which helps companies to seek employees and also individuals looking for a job. Other services offered are a relocation data center and resume writing. There are also forums on the site split into different categories, where users can ask and answer questions.

Moving on to Glassdoor, this community is extremely valuable for finding out inside information on a company or job. People can post details of their experiences anonymously and give a great idea of how a company really works. Imagine if you’re just about to go to a job interview and somebody in the know gives information about the way that interviews are usually handled, now that could be handy!

Last on the list is BranchOut, which is aimed at career networking and also features Facebook integration. A LinkedIn profile, which we’ve previously mentioned, can also be imported which is a useful convenience. Users can seek out jobs but recruiters can also look for the right people and with the vast amount of regular users of Facebook, this has a huge potential. Check out the Mashable link above to find out more on each of the communities outlined here.

Online communities look set to be the way forward then, for job seekers and for managing our careers but we’re interested to hear from you about this. Maybe you’ve used one of these online career communities and benefited from doing so, or maybe you can recommend another community that is worth a look? Let us know with your comments.

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