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Adobe Flash 10.2 On Motorola Xoom: Preview With Video

March 19, 2022 | Mike Smith

There’ no doubt that the Motorola Xoom was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year, we’re sure everyone felt the same as us when there was talks of this device having no flash support on release. It now seems Adobe Flash 10.2 is on its way to the Xoom, but as we’re impatient we thought we would bring you a preview video of it in action.

Jamall Oluokun has managed to get his hands on a leaked copy of this eagerly awaited Flash Player and has taken it for a spin on the Motorola Xoom, in his post he goes through the many pros and cons of using Flash 10.2 and gives his thoughts on interactive websites and animation, Video performance, flash games and then rounds up with his final thoughts.

Overall he seems very impressed with what Adobe has to offer when using their software with this Android based tablet, although video clips played smoothly on various tested sites on a number of occasions he had to wait a while for the clips to buffer when using the devices 3G connection. You can read all his thoughts on this by following this link to his post on

This Adobe update is also available to Android based smartphones, over at Michael Oryl has also had a little hands on experience with this latest update. You can check out his post here and see what he makes of this.

From what we have seen of this update it looks like tablet users will benefit the most from this latest instalment, smartphone users seem to have noticed some improvements but it’s not as big as what everyone was expecting.

Have you tried this new Update? What are your thoughts on it? Was it worth the wait?

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  1. JSmith says:

    I do really hope you enjoy your flash on XOOM which retails at $800. So the extra money buys you the freedom of using ABC's website instead of watching exactly same content on an App as in an iPad.

    I hope you did check your battery life as you watch shows on on a Flash enable Xoom. I hope it does not disappoint you as - remember you paid a premium to get your xoom. Remember you can play the exact same videos on an App on the iPad without destroying your battery - just saying.

    I do really hope that Flash 10.2 does not crash often and you dont have to reboot Android often. Or if you do keep rebooting I hope you dont mind as remember you paid a premium.

    Last but not the least, I hope you didnt notice that Android 3.0.1 takes up more thatn 500Mb of your Ram. I hope you dont come to the conclusion that Android Honeycomb is becoming bloated like Windows and is relying on hardware vendors to keep upping their performance to make Android work.

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