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Social Networking Overtakes Entertainment in UK Web Traffic

March 18, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Social Networking Overtakes Entertainment in UK Web Traffic

It seems that in the U.K. web traffic times are-a-changin’ and entertainment, which used to be the most popular sector, has now been overtaking by social networking. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have now increased in popularity to such an extent that in January social networking made up 12.46% of all web traffic.

As the entertainment sector, includes such sites as iPlayer and Sky Sports this is quite some achievement from social networking and proves its growing impact on everyday life. This information comes to us from Darren Allan over on Techwatch, from an Experian Hitwise study, and tells how the January figures showed for the first time that social networking gained more web traffic share than entertainment sites.

In fact there were 2.4 billion visits to social networking sites in the U.K. for the month of January and the 12.4% share of web traffic compares to the 12.18% of web traffic for the entertainment sector. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when considering that 30 million people in the U.K. are now on Facebook. Of the 2.4 billion social networking visits in January over half of those (56%) were made to Facebook with an average social session lasting 22 minutes.

Are you surprised at the growing popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook? When do you think we might see its popularity peak? Let us know with your comments.

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