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iPhone 5: NFC Inclusion Will It Or Won’t It?

March 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

One such forthcoming device that seems to keep grabbing our attention is that of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5. Although no official release date has been set in stone, many reports are indicating that the beginning of June is a hot favorite. Putting this to one side and concentrating on what some may say are formidable rumors, we have yet another one to put to you today.

Its of the handset and a possible inclusion of Near Field Communication or NFC as its named, something of which we touched on early part of this week. For those of you who may not be aware of what this could potentially mean for the iPhone 5, then let us enlighten you. Basically an NFC chip works on the principle of simply swiping your phone over a reader to pay for purchases, and will also support mobile media sharing.

According to the Independent just a few days ago, the iPhone 5 would not come with built-in NFC as Apple felt “that there was no clear standard across the entire industry,” but on saying this, it was reported that we may see the inclusion next year in the iPhone 6. Apple were rumored to be working on their very own concept of the iPhone 5 possibly being linked to the iTunes account.

Today the news on Slashgear via BusinessInsider is somewhat different. According to a source who works at Apple, they had “Just met with a entrepreneur who says the iPhone 5 will have NFC.”

Search engine Google have already taken up the NFC idea with the Nexus S handset benefiting from it, and in the not so distance future, Google have made plans to set up a trial payment system within the next 4 months in NYC and San Francisco using the special Verifone terminals that coincidentally they will be paying for.

Just by looking at the possibilities of what NFC can achieve, it seems Apple would be silly to pass this opportunity? What do you think.

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  1. Lee - Manchester, UK says:

    I must admit this isn't one of the features I'm getting overly excited about, with the economy as it is in both the US and UK, and with the recent crisis in Japan - lets face it, arguably the worlds technological "hub". Are we really going to see an increase in retailers and vendors using/paying for this type of payment technology before even the iPhone 8 is in general circulation??

    I am however really excited about the next couple of months and can't wait to get my hands on the 5 when released, and just hope Apple don't put too much of a greedy price tag on the handset to start with!!

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