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Groupon Introduces New “Hungry” App, Discounts & More

March 18, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Groupon associated for its Deals of the Day and giving away of Discounts, has now stepped up a level with its new app announcement, and if successful could turn out to be stiff competition against rivals “LivingSocial.” The mobile app named “Groupon Now” is hoped to expand on its ever increasing service which was launched in 2008 and explore what users to the app are doing in terms of eating out, where they shop and what they like to do for leisure activities.

The app which will be available during the month of April, will work when the user initially opens up the service and will be met with 2 buttons, one saying “I’m hungry” and the other saying “I’m bored.” The idea as Mashable reported, is that on pressing either of the 2 buttons you will be presented with a list of Groupon deals of the day in and around your location.

With many companies now taking to the idea of implementing Groupon, they in turn will also benefit, not just the mobile phone user. As well as coupons being available to the recipient, Groupon Now will also give businesses the chance to alternate their discounts in line with their busiest and slowest times of the week, therefore seats in a restaurant will hopefully always be filled.

In a short statement from Groupon CEO Andrew Mason he said, “For merchants, the daily deal is like teeth whitening, and Groupon Now is like brushing your teeth. It can be an everyday thing to keep your business going.”

Are you a fan of Groupon and if so, does the new app interest you? Let us know what discounts you have managed to get?

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  • celiaayers

    Awesome, Printapons saves me time and money! You can see the coupons instantly and don't have to search for ones.