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Prime Minister’s Office Japan & Twitter English Quake Updates

March 17, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Since the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan this week we’ve been bringing you social media news about the situation, such as how Facebook Causes is helping out and also how tweets from Tokyo just after the quake hit, reached a record 1,200 per minute. Now we have news of how the Prime Minister’s Office in Japan has established an English-language Twitter account to provide updates on the ongoing events in the country.

At times like this people seek reassurance and as this has a political source, many may feel the news is more ‘official’ than from other sources. The new English-language account is @JPN_PMO and will provide translated tweets direct from the Japanese disaster account, which is @Kantei_Saigai, the official account set up by the PM’s office on March 13.

Over on Mashable, Meghan Peters says the new English account drew 7,000 followers in the first 4 hours with information being distributed regarding evacuations, press conferences and more. In the aftermath of the tragedy social media has really come to the fore with offers of help from many sources such as Lady Gaga’s ‘Pray for Japan’ bracelet fundraising campaign launched on Twitter, and a Facebook bid to raise money for rescue dogs. Many people all over the world have turned to Facebook and Twitter pages for help and support, and so this official site in English should prove useful.

Have you used the new English-language Twitter account from the Japanese Prime Minister’s office? If so how helpful did you find it? Let us know with your comments.

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