Costco Motorola WiFi Only Xoom Plus Freebies: Pre-Order Now

Here at OSM, we have brought you updated news from the very beginning on the new Motorola Xoom expected to be a big contender against many including the Apple iPad 2. So far many of you have no doubt been enjoying the 3G model which was released last month, but now news on the WiFi only has just been announced.

Just yesterday our very own Debbie brought you news about an official release date now of 27th March with news of retailers such as Staples offering the tablet. One such store was that of Costco. Today updated information from them has confirmed this along with consumers now being able to pre-order the device.

With the iPad 2 officially launched last Friday and delivery delays already increased from days to now weeks, the Xoom has a pretty good chance of pushing itself past the popular tablet. As BGR reported Costco have made their offer even more appealing by offering a cheaper discounted price of $589.99, free shipping and free gel case.

In comparison to Motorola’s shipping times, Costco lag behind by 5 days making the date 1st April as oppose to the 27th March, this is made up by of course the freebies, and let’s face it everybody likes “something for nothing.”

Let us know whether you have or are considering purchasing a Xoom, and would you be prepared to wait just a few days to get your “free of charge” items?