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Angry Birds Rio: Boss Battles & New Style - Video

March 17, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The phenomenon known as Angry Birds is having the latest installment and it goes hand in hand with the new film Rio. Some of our recent reports inform the world that it was due this month and that it’s exclusively on the Amazon app store which came as a bit of a surprise although we don’t know how long the exclusivity will last.

Now we have found an interesting article over at Phandroid where Quentyn Kennemer has added an article that says that the new game offers updated visuals, a completely new layout and the addition of boss battles.

There’s also a video that is kicking around that shows you just how much the entire interface has changed. The gameplay is still the same where you are trying to break things by using the slingshot and flinging birds at objects except there’s not a pig in sight.

Instead there are rare birds in cages which you have to break open to release the birds. It’s certainly clever the way that Rovio has managed to incorporate the storyline of the Rio film. Enough said, head to the bottom of the article and watch the video that also demonstrates a boss battle.

Readers are you bored of the Angry Birds series or are you looking forward to Rio and further additions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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