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MLB Live Stream April Training Games On Facebook For Free

March 16, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Without many of the social networking sites currently available to users, many would possibly lose out on potential customer sales when advertising branded products. Today there seems to be an influx of companies and individuals willing to give sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube a go! Just last week, Tim here at OSM gave news of Warner Bros collaborating with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook site where users can rent and buy films with the Dark Knight as the first featured movie.

Today its the turn of America’s Major League Baseball or MLB as its shortened to and its joining of Facebook. Next month as many fans will know, is officially the start of its “spring training games.” In order for fans to get the best out of their viewing experience, a new idea has been implemented. For now those of you who are avid fans of the sport, will be able to watch live games streamed via Facebook. Throughout April at no hidden cost to you, MLB’s Facebook Page will broadcast each training game to you, and if successful, could follow on through to the normal playing season.

As well as this, Zdnet reported that MLB are hoping to appeal to new subscribers with the opportunity to get free games when joining up to MLB.TV. In turn this would allow users to view a huge listing of content online or on a mobile device for a cost of between $20 and $25 per month.

In a statement to AllThingsD from’s CEO Bob Bowman, he said that currently there is nothing set up to give MLB.TV users full access to games via Facebook and at this stage, doesn’t want to sell games on the internet. He followed on by saying, “What we’re trying to do is figure out who these fans are, whether they like it, and whether they share it.”

Are you a big MLB fan? What are your thoughts on the training days being live streamed through Facebook? Should other sports think about taking it up?

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