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iPad 2 Foxconn Parts Maker Slow Down: Disconcerting Buying News

March 16, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

The highly sought after Apple iPad 2 officially launched last Friday and for many lucky customers who managed to bag the device, its now just a waiting game in terms of delivery times. In the last few days, we have given you various updates in relation to shipping times, which with what started as a matter of days is now a matter of weeks. Subsequently since America’s official launch, many customers are concerned that there will not be enough units to go around on the 25th March when the rest of us get to enjoy the thinner lighter design.

To put another “spanner in the works” today, Apple parts maker Foxconn are reported to have slowed down with their manufacturing process. As AppleInsider indicated, if this is the case, then this could have a detrimental affect on iPad 2 tablet sales. It seems that the problem lies with Foxconn and and not Steve Jobs company. At this stage there is no concrete information as to what has caused Foxconn’s subsequent slowing down.

Today (Wednesday) it was noted from JMP Securities that the AAPL stock level had changed and was considerably lower, with analyst Alex Gauna quoting that a change had occurred from “Market Outperform” to “Market Perform.”

Another problem that will no doubt make a difference to the iPad company is that of the disaster in Japan. As we still all look on in disbelief as to Friday’s events, Apple had to postpone the iPad 2 launch and since as AppleInsider states, the tech company benefits from at least 6% of Japan’s sales.

Were you lucky enough to purchase an iPad 2 online? Are you having to wait for yours?

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