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Google Reinvents iPhone App: New Features, Design & More

March 16, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Users of Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will be pleased to learn that search engine Google have updated their original “Google Mobile” app. Brandishing a new name of Google Search along with new appearance and features it is hoped to now give its subscribers a new speedier experience. What struck me straight away is the fact that the new improved app allows you to go away and then come back to what you were doing, with a quick click of the bottom of the search page.

Firstly as Mashable pointed out, the one noticeable change that you will see straight away is the brand new interface set up for searching the world wide web and finding of apps, it can be compared to any every day search on Google’s regular online page. As well as this the new search app will give users simple yet quick accessibility to Google Googles and Voice Search through the use of photos.

A big transformation has occurred with the revamped iPhone app, in that a new search toolbar has been enlisted allowing its user to swipe from either side. On appearance, its similar to that of Google Search pages which benefit from a left hand column listing the results. As mashable stated, information can now be sourced be it, discussion forums, places of interest, up to date news, Gmail, Google Earth and so on. Pocketlint did point out that although users will now have greater search accessibility for longer periods, it is nowhere near being as fully loaded as say “Safari.”

What are your thoughts on the new improved Google Search app? Let us know if this will benefit you in any way?

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