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Verizon Galaxy Tab & Xoom Ditches Activation Fee: Refunds To Some

March 15, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With many consumers taking the plunge and opting for a tablet device this year, the choice is endless, so where do you start? Last week Apple’s iPad 2 officially launched with a new look and features which consequently resulted in a high number of sold units. But today its the turn of the new Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab running on the big red Verizon.

Although both tablets individually offer their own fantastic selling points, the one downside that they have been criticized for is the activation fee that users were forced into buying. As well as money for the stand alone price, users were expected to then find an additional $35 to activate the device, of which put a bad taste in customers mouths.

It seems both manufacturers have looked at what Apple are offering and decided to cut out the fee and refund customers that may have forked out $35 from the beginning of this month. As Ubergizmo pointed out, contracts still require $20 per month but good news for potential consumers who were mulling over what tablet to purchase.

In terms of data plans have kindly put together some up to date information which is as follows: For 1GB tablets, data plans will set you back $20 a month with this rising to $80 for a 10GB. As our source stated, overages per GB will be $20 for the basic plan with an additional $10 for every plan thereafter.

Tell us does this latest news make a big difference in your buying decision?

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