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New Apple iMac 2011 Price: What would you pay?

March 15, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Whether you are an Apple iMac enthusiast and waiting for an updated version, or new to the iMac and thinking of purchasing an all-in-one desktop, you may remember that when the refreshed MacBook Pros were recently launched there was some speculation that we would hear of new iMacs too. Unfortunately that didn’t arise but we haven’t given up and today we are turning our attention to the price of a new iMac and asking how much you would be willing to pay for one when/if the refresh for 2011 finally appears?

A few days ago we asked readers what they most wanted to see on the new iMacs when they eventually come and we had a big response with many comments suggesting SSD options, the new ThunderBolt technology, (as on the new MacBook Pro), a matte screen, the latest Sandy Bridge processors and a wider range of screen sizes to name just a few. If we assume that we shall see at least some of these improvements/changes with a refresh, what could we expect the pricing will be? Could Apple hold the pricing to around the same as they are currently or will these enhancements, using newer technology, add significantly to the prices?

Currently the cheapest base model for an iMac with a 21.5-inch screen will set you back, $1,199. Apple isn’t known for cheap products and the iMac is no exception but many are willing to pay a premium for decent design and specs bearing the Apple brand. Saying that, Apple does seem to be making an effort lately to hold back on price increases. If we look at the recent iPad 2 release for example, the pricing structure was held to that of the original iPad, which goes to show that improved technology needn’t necessarily add much to the cost.

Similarly, with the refresh of the MacBook Pro recently the lower and mid-level prices were the same although the top-of-the-range Pro is more expensive than the previous version. The last refresh of the iMac was last July so a refresh is due in the next few months. We’re hoping to see it around May, if the gap between the last MacBook Pros and the new ones is anything to judge by, but obviously we’d like to see it even sooner.

So now it’s down to you… do you expect a better iMac for the same price or are you happy to pay extra for improvements? If so, how much are you willing to pay? We’d appreciate your comments on this and will continue to bring you news about the 2011 iMac refresh, which hopefully we’ll hear about soon.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Polly says:

    I hope that the new imacs won't be more expensive than the actual generation.
    I think that they don't have to be more expensive even if the technologies are better, in fact that is due to the evolution of the time, what is just normal.
    I even hope that this year, Apple will lower the price of its iMac in order to be more accessible for all. The trademark of Apple creates products that are so awesome that everyone should be able to enjoy it.

    • I agree with you Polly. Apple has shown with the most recent release of the iPad 2 and previous iPhones that it is possible to keep the price level for the next generation of products as the technology becomes better.

      I would be surprised if prices increase and even more surprised to see if the entry level iMac price increase.

  2. jwow says:

    i agree 100% with polly

  3. bruce b says:

    I am waiting for this new generation to replace my macbook with an iMac. I think like everybody I expect faster speeds, a better screen and all the new bells and whistles at the same or lower price points.

  4. John says:

    I just hope they lower down the cost for SSD + by also having another option of a smaller capacity SSD paired with a regular 1TB or 2TB HDD.. maybe that could help bring down the price too. The 256gb/512gb they have at the moment - it's just a bit too expensive compared to market price and a little too much space for OS use..

    Overall, I'd be happy if they stick with their current price packages.. I'd be happier if they lower it just a bit more :) who wouldn't be?…

  5. Alex says:

    The iMac's will must likely be the same price as last year… It's the Apple way

  6. Timmy says:

    Depends on what they upgrade. If it's just the specs (more ram, better processor, more HD space, better graphics) I'm not willing to pay more because their current systems are really getting outdated. If they upgrade it with a touch screen, on the other hand, I would pay more.

  7. mikey1923 says:

    we all know that the cost of hard ware is cheaper now look at the pc . computer parts are all the same . ram is cheap so is dvd drives and cpu and hard drives too. so mac can be cheap if they want . iam a pc guy but i like the look of the imac if they keep it cheap i will buy one just to have i like all in one computer .

  8. Bobloblaw says:

    I would like a smaller screen option. The current options of 21.5" and 27" are much too big for my needs. Here's hoping for some love for the studio dwellers, who don't have McMansion sized desks.

  9. gemtian says:

    LOL Bobloblaw jejeje I'm wiling to get 30 inch wide screen to see the detail of my graphics and I dont have a McMansion desk

  10. macleet says:

    I would pay $3000+ for a iMac with a desktop 6870 or 6970m. Heres to hoping!


  11. Ken V says:

    Apple usually keeps the price about the same and adds more features. I am hoping for a matt finish 30" screen with the resolution of a 34" (touch screen?), Thunderbolt (funny name because lightning comes in bolts, not sound) interface directly to a RAID 0 of 256 GB high performance SSDs to take advantage of over 500 MB/sec, Wi-Fi antenna with a auto switched phased array for the best wireless performance, sound bar speaker system to simulate 7+ speaker surround sound and more for the same price.

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