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Internet Fraudsters Hit Japan Tsunami Donators

March 15, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Internet Fraudsters Hit Japan Tsunami Donators

Since the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami hit the North East coast of Japan on Friday, the news understandingly has been rife on the internet with every TV channel, radio station and so on giving us updates on the plight of the Japanese people. We brought you news when the disaster first hit reporting on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook which just alone allowed people to find out up to date information, Google implementing a person finder option as well as other sites giving people the chance to donate money for its relief fund.

But unlike the majority of us who have stood back in disbelief as to the unfolding event, which alone has caused a massive amount of human loss, and a landscape filled with just the remains of buildings, some people have taken it upon themselves to set up bogus sites just to scam decent people into parting with their donation. In total according to ubergizmo, some 1.7 million malware pages have been set up, 50 plus false domains such as Japan earthquake or Japan tsunami URLs and 419 scam sites.

Innocent people have been advised to be vigilant when logging onto websites including opening of attachments and zip files. It is always best to choose sites such as the Red Cross or reputable charity.

Disturbing news from metro has told of many people including celebrities who have been targeted and then reported to be dead, the posts of which are then put onto sites such as Twitter. Just yesterday we told you about Pokemon creator and Hello Kitty designer who are both alive and well despite being reported that they too had passed away.

Have you been on the receiving end of one of these vicious scams? Let us know. How are you safeguarding yourself when donating?

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