Google NFC Easy Swipe Devices For Payment: iPhone 5 Trailing

There has been quite a bit of activity surrounding the Near Field Communication system and its possibilities. Just a couple of days ago we reported on how Apple’s iPhone 5, once rumored to support this technology, was unlikely to receive it when released.

We commented on how Apple could be missing out on such a big input in tech world especially as Google’s Nexus S is NFC compatible. The range of options open for NFC to tap into were astounding, from key-less vehicle entry to replacing the common house key.

Well one area that we mentioned was the use of NFC for swipe payments, and this is the area that according to Engadget, Google is pushing forward with.

With their Nexus S smartphone Google is preparing for a trial payment system setting up in New York and San Francisco. Via special VeriFone terminals customers will be able to make payments wirelessly through their smartphone.

As Slash Gear reports Google will foot the bill for “thousands” of NFC terminals to be installed within certain retail locations across the two cities. Starting sometime in the next four months customers will be able access purchase information along with gift-card and loyalty card balances with other subscriptions, through their device.

This will be a big test for the NFC system and no doubt lead on to other areas where the technology can be made useful. Let us know what you think to NFC capable handsets used for payment, what could be the downsides?