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Casey The Punisher: Anti-Bullying Message That Hurts

March 15, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Social media and social networking are often found to be powerful tools for delivering a message, we know how effective they have been with the likes of UFC and other sports and brands but today we wanted to show you another message.

This one comes from Casey the Punisher and it goes out to all the bullies out there. No it’s not Casey is coming for you, but it is that you can only push someone so far. For those of us who have always been with the ‘in’ group or popular and well liked you may not be aware of what we are talking about here but bullying is a serious issue.

There’s a video that shows Casey backed up with a smaller kid (obviously part of a group) getting in his face, not only that but the bully scored with quite a bit punch. Casey takes it like a trooper before making a move of his own. The kid persists buzzing around in Casey’s face until he snaps… Casey flies at the bully and pulls off a jack-knife powerbomb that Kevin Nash would be proud of!

Since then there has been video after video of remixes with popular fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Casey even has a Facebook page dedicated to him that you can join on this link.

The page has only been active less than 24 hours and he already has more than 7,000 ‘Likes’. His Facebook page has a load of amusing images with people hailing Casey as the savior of kids that have been and are being bullied and rightly so… he shows that sometimes you just have to stand up to those bullies. We weren’t amused to hear that in fact it was Casey who was suspended from school, check out the video at the bottom of the article.

Has Casey been an inspiration to you? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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  • John

    Casey = legend. No amount of violence towards violent bullies is too much. I wish he'd paralysed the rat-boy.

  • Rob

    SWEEEEEEET! Fair play to ye Casey!! :-) My friend commited suicide after being consistently bullied! :-(

  • 54 year old dad

    My son had similar experiences at school when he was this age. In fact, he was built very similar to Casey. He is still large and I suspect that genetics has a fair bit to do with it. Now he is built like a brick shithouse and I wouldn't want to get into a wrestle with him. GO CASEY. He was only looking after himself but he did it in a spectacular way!!!! The little skinny punk got exactly what he deserved and I noticed that his friends in the background didn't jump to his defence. I hope that the little grub really learned a hard lesson. Seeing him bounce of the concrete was almost too good for words. Casey, you are a champ!!!

  • 48 Year Old Female

    My heart was uplifted and soared when I witnessed Casey's self-defence & retaliation towards the bully. Apparently Casey has been bullied for many years. I also was bullied throughout my school years, and out of necessity learnt to run very fast! May Casey's actions and the attention that it is receiving send out a loud & clear message to all bullies that just because someone is a gentle decent soul and chooses not to be obnoxious, doesn't mean that they can't fight, and that they can & will when pushed too far. I''m saddened to hear Casey has been suspended by the School. This situation only occurred because the School had typically like so may others turned a blind eye and failed take any action themselves for many years. CASEY YOU ARE A CHAMP!

  • Amy

    HAHAHA Go on Casey!!!
    That was one hell of a slam!
    Teach those skinny little bullies!
    I think the whole WORLD is proud of you!

  • debra gallehawk

    If i was casey i would have slammed that little jerk too , i used to be a vicitm of bullying for 4 years it went on i was picked on till i finally fought back ! too bad his dad was not there he shouldhave also double tag teamed and slammed the mother too , she claims her son has never done this , shes a big lier and needs to be exposed and charges filed on both ! STOP the bullying ! or get Body slammed GO casey your my HERO!!

  • Lee

    I was also bullied by 8 others for two years.

    I felt fear when they would attack but….eventually …"you get busy living or you get busy dying"

    The school was ok with theviolence lottery that I won everyday so I lost my fear and became the knock out one puch man.

    I hurt alot of people and I'm __NOT___ srry because no one evr pissed me off or touched me again.

    My parents talught me not to fight back because they hated violence but they didn't care anymore than the school did.