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White iPhone 4 /5 Release in Spring: But which is it?

March 14, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Since the delay in release of the White iPhone 4 last year we’ve been reporting on news and speculation about whether it would actually appear. Now we have heard news that’s pretty definite of a white iPhone release and this time it comes from Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product managing, Philip Schiller, so this really is from the horse’s mouth.

Last month we reported on a rumor that a white iPhone 4 may be coming by the end of that month but it never materialized and more recently we heard of a Chinese touch panel supplier and reports that it would be supplying parts for a white iPhone 5. When we heard that the iPad 2, released last week, had been produced in a white version this led us to speculate further that a white iPhone 5 did indeed look promising.

Now Darren Murph over on Engadget, reports that when somebody asked Philip Schiller via Twitter how to get hold of a white iPhone, Schiller tweeted this reply, “The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).” Now if anybody should know, he should, so this is one rumor we’re inclined to believe. What remains unanswered though is if this is a white iPhone 4 or a white iPhone 5 which is anticipated for release around June. It would seem rather pointless to release a white iPhone 4 now when we’re only a few months away from an iPhone 5, but then again so many people have waited so long to get their hands on a white iPhone, it would probably still sell in numbers.

We’re more inclined to feel it’s a white iPhone 5 we’re talking about though and Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac also writes about this and points out that we also don’t know if the white iPhone which is apparently coming, will be for both AT&T or Verizon or both. You may also be interested in an article we published earlier today about how Apple must make the release of the iPhone 5 smoother than the release of the iPad 2 and one of the ways it should do that is to make all the versions, in all colors, available from the very start.

What are your thoughts on this white iPhone that’s coming? If you’ve been waiting for a white iPhone 4, would you really buy one if it comes out now, with the iPhone 5 due in only a few more weeks? Let us know with your comments please.

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