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Saying Happy Birthday On Facebook… With A Difference

March 14, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Saying Happy Birthday On Facebook… With A Difference

We all know how popular the Facebook platform has become; it’s the largest social network in the world today. With massive valuations and a 500 million strong user base it is continually growing and moving into new areas.

One of the other things that Facebook has started is partnerships with the likes of Warner Bros and Sony for hiring movies. When you think about it one thing that all of the users of Facebook have in common is that they all have a Birthday, with that being the case you quite often see messages on friends walls saying ‘Happy Birthday’ amongst other things. Have you ever wanted to say Happy Birthday on Facebook with a difference?

Well there’s a way that you can make your message more memorable as reported by’s Jorge Cino. He says that StarMaker Interactive has just launched a new app called Auto-Tune Birthday and it lets you sing and record Happy Birthday on your mobile, then edit it and post it on your friends Facebook wall.

This app offers a really cool way of saying Happy Birthday that can be sentimental or even funny. The app comes with 10 different versions of the Happy Birthday chant including ones with Samba, Orchestral and Hip-Hop vibes. Not only that but you can attach a message and a photo to the recording before you post it.

As things stand the app is available for $1 on the iPad Touch, iPad and the iPhones. You can check out a demo in the video at the bottom of the article where you can learn more about it.

Would you want to say Happy Birthday with a difference? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Auto-Tune Birthday from StarMaker on Vimeo.

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