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Google Circles Social Network: Does it Exist or Not?

March 14, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Regular OSM readers who are interested in social networking may remember our recent story about Google’s plans to launch its own social networking site, rumored to be called Google Me, and the fact that it may be coming in May. We have now heard more on this although it seems that the site may now be called Google Circles.

There were stories at the weekend that swept the Internet that Google Circles was about to be announced at SXSW which is currently underway in Texas. However this was then officially denied by Google and a tweet from the company read, “We’re not launching any products at #SXSW but we’re doing plenty else,” according to the International Business Times. Indeed there were then efforts to dispel that Google Circles even existed at all.

Chris Messina of Google, who had previously been linked with the social networking plans of the company, told NetworkEffect that he didn’t know what the story was all about and apparently said that the company was not even launching a social networking site and the Google Circles was not in development. However you can understand people feeling that mixed messages were being sent out from Google, especially as Messina was pictured wearing a T-shirt that said on it, “I am Feeling Social.”

It seems the speculation began because of a tweet from tech pundit, Tim O’Reilly who said, “I’ve seen google circles, and it looks awesome.” This was then picked up by the media but O’Reilly later sought to clarify matters by again speaking to NetworkEffect saying, “It’s not a product, per se, and it’s not a new social network. Just some research-y thinking about how you could better manage social data,” which sort of sounds like a classic case of backtracking to us.

What are your thoughts on Google Circles? Do you think it exists and Google is just being cagey until it’s ready to go, or do you think maybe it never existed after all? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Mark J Daniels

    I love Google, but does the world really need another social networking site? Google have tried hard to break in to this market so many times with their ill-fated Wave and Buzz tools, but they really should just concentrate on what they're good at and not dilute their brand with poor forays in to an already dominated market place.