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Google Chrome & Android: Survive Pwn2Own Contest Unscathed

March 13, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We have been reporting on various things from the Pwn2Own contest including how the iPhone 4 was hacked by Charlie Miller using Safari to swipe the entire address book and also how in the battle of the browsers Chrome stood strong and untouched.

Now we wanted to inform you of just how well Google did in this hackers paradise. Chrome survived and so did Android as unhacked so well done to Google. They must have been pretty confident in their browser as there was a cash prize up for grabs of 20k for anyone or team that could exploit the browser on day one, talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

So despite all of the malware that has been popping up in the Android market recently the notebook that they had at the event (CR-48) survived the attacks of hackers who tried to break it, Shane McGlaun over at says that it’s nice to see because of the recent malware problems in the Android Market. Windows 7 also managed to survive the exploitations and come out unscathed.

If the Pwn2Own 2011 contest is something you would like to read more about then head over to where one of their authors has rounded up all of the exploits as well as those who stood strong in his round up.

What are your views on hacking? Are you surprised that Google’s OS and browser survived the onslaught? Let us know in the comments section below.

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