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Apple iPad 2 Defects Already Shown Up: iPhone 4 Repeat?

March 12, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With the iPad 2 still box fresh and in the hands of some of the fortunate, it is already suffering with technical defects reported by users within the first few hours of its life.

Engadget touched on the two most common issues that have arisen with Apple’s second gen tablet. First up is an issue that touched a number of iPhone 4’s when it first came out, namely yellow spots appearing beneath the LCD glass. Said to be un-evaporated bonding solution for securing the glass, these spots will eventually disappear.

More importantly is the defect brought to light with a light bleeding around the outer edges of the iPad 2’s display screen? In a video clip by I Am Phones, the newly purchased slate shows the bleeding sensation at different points around the screen’s edge. It is most prominent nearer the home button.

It seems to be most noticeable when a dark scene comes up in a movie or anytime when the LCD screen is displaying dark images. To take the edge out of the light bleed it is possible to play with the brightness settings this is a temporary fix and not a cure.

Tell us if you have an iPad 2 and have experienced either of these issues? Hopefully Apple will be quick to rectify any faults before it gets too serious.

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  1. Frank says:

    Are you serious? How long did it take Apple to FIX the antenna problem? Oh yea, they didn't. I think the answer will be user error - turn down the brightness or turn the iPad around and you won't see the leaking light.

  2. peter says:

    apple is for idiots period……

  3. bah says:

    yep - already had to send mine back

    apple may have got away with this kind of thing when they had a more 'exclusive' market, but now they've got a much wider market, i think that unless they rise to the challenge of addressing their h/w quality, all the prettyiness in the world aint going to cut it and their rep will gradually decline as they chuck out seriously overpriced toystore products; they'll just be another microsoft (unless of course microsoft decide to jump into their slot by becoming known for quality)

    other apple problems - macbook hard drive failure, macbook optical drive failure, macbook case contruction (now sorted with newer ones), iphone 4 alarm clock/BST issue, and now ipad screen bleed . wouldnt' be so bad if there was just a smidgen of recognition from them, or if you could DIY fixes more, but try googling all this and see how much apple have engaged in the conversation - all their secrecy round product launches and stuff just doesn't do it for me

  4. brettinlj says:

    Just opened mine up a few minutes ago and had this light bleeding around the left edge near the bottom. In fact, I found this post after doing a search to figure out what was going on because I was so surprised an Apple product would have this. I'll be visiting an Apple store as well to get a fix or replacement.

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