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Twitter Japan Quake Tsunami Hits Record 1,200 Tweet Per Minute

March 11, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Twitter Japan Quake Tsunami Hits Record 1,200 Tweet Per Minute

Social networking site Twitter as we know acts as a fantastic lifeline between users, be it for sending messages (tweets) between one another or sourcing information. This has been even more apparent in the last few hours when a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the North East coast of Japan.

Causing cars and ripped up buildings to be dragged along streets by the water, the subsequent tsunami reached a staggering 10 metres in some places. To date it was reported from Mashable that this is the seventh most powerful earthquake in recorded history. As the stated, the city was struck at 1446 their time (0546 GMT) with a huge number of aftershocks experienced.

In a bid to find out updated information, say prayers and postings of video streams, Twitter became a hive of activity, so much so that an hour after the initial quake hit, the phones cut out and numbers of tweets reached a massive 1,200 per minute from Tokyo.

Popular Twitter feeds included Al-Jazeera and Japanese Ustream, and as Mashable reported the site was used by many on the coast of America to gauge the times of the tsunami‘s scary arrival. Search engine Google has already got involved with a service set up for those families that may have been separated.

Tweets from many people across the globe have been noted, as said one tweet from @Hussy26 said, “Miyagi is centre of earthquake..all nuclear centers has been closed, visuals are stunningly dangerous…tsunami everywhere.”

Have you been following the current situation in Japan? Send us in your comments and prayers below.

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  • Binoy

    I pray for thous people who effected by this devastating tsunami.God please mercy them.