Foursquare Testing NFC: Your Thoughts?

Following on from the 3.0 update to Foursquare, its recent growth to around 7 million users and the different ways that pubs, restaurants and Sony are using the masters of geo-location, we are now hearing through Foursquare of something new that they are planning to do.

We have heard through Slashgear’s Samia Perkins reports that with the v3.0 update to the mobile app comes the biggest update that they have launched to date. Perkins goes on to say that the Foursquare employees have worked hard to get the update finished in time for SXSW. This has been dubbed by the Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley the ‘shock of awe’.

One of the major parts to the update and a real focus that they had was around NFC (Near Field Communication). We previously added an article where some of the other uses of NFC were demonstrated. The other thing about the update is the Merchant platform that has been integrated so that different merchants can actually offer promotional deals as and when they need to.

Head over to the article about the Foursquare rewards and you will learn a whole load more about it. Would you take advantage of Foursquare and NFC becoming intertwined?

Share your thoughts and feelings on this in the comments section below.