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Nokia X1-00: Release Date, Price And Specs

March 10, 2022 | Mike Smith

When Nokia teamed up with Microsoft we all thought this would spell the end for release’s of level entry phones by the Finnish mobile giant, proving us all wrong the company has just announced the X1-00 and we have the release date, price and specs to bring you.

This new device according to Pocketlint will be costing less than 35 euros, an extremely small fraction of the price of their other handsets like the N8 and the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets we are yet to see. So for such a low price what can we expect to see from the X1-00?

Bearing in mind this phone is not all glitz and glamour it still offers quiet an impressive array of features, running on Nokia’s Series 30 OS this handset also boasts expandable memory of up to 16GB via MicroSD, FM radio, 3.5mm audio jack and LED flashlight. All this is powered by a very large 1320 mAH battery which provides an impressive 61 days stand by time and 13hours talk time, you can watch the embedded video below to learn more about the specs.

One of the key features of this phone is the large speaker situated on the back of the device, capable of producing sound at the level of 106phon (a phon is the measurement of perceived loudness) the guys over at Nokia Conversations tell us, that after some tweaking around the sound from this speaker will remain undistorted and will be enough to rattle your window frames.

As level entry handset go we think this device packs a hell of punch, if you’re a music lover then this handset could be for you. Offering some great features that won’t break the bank this phone is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a cheap alternative or even a spare device to use while out and about. The X1-00 is expected to become available to selected markets at the beginning of April.

What are your thoughts on this handset? Will you buy one? Do you think there is a better alternative on the market?

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