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MacBook Pro Upgrades RAM With The Help Of OWC Kit

March 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

This is a call to all you MacBook Pro users out there, if you’re in possession of the latest addition Pro and require just a bit more memory from your notebook then this could be the solution for you.

As Slash Gear discovered the OWC group has announced a RAM upgrade in the form of a 16GB kit, that will slide straight into your Pro and give you a new lease of memory power.

Just to hit you with a few specs, the kit will include a DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM with a data rate DDR3-1333. According to OWC additional RAM upgrade meets Apple/Intel specifications so you should have no problems there.

Talking of problems, there is one slight glitch in the kits armor. Price, while you might have a figure in your mind as to how much you would fork out for the extra storage, we are pretty sure you will be short of the mark. So here it is, for just $1,599,99 the OWC slot in could be yours, no you heard it write, that’s a fraction under $1,600.

Now while as state that OWC offer lower memory upgrades for a fraction of the cost, can OWC honestly think that for the price of another complete notebook consumers are going to pay out for the pleasure of 16GB? Tell us if you could justify this vast expenditure?

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  1. OWC Grant says:

    Price is relative to application need….as well as if that need is immediate. As we are the first to put 8GB of memory on a SO-DIMM sized module for these models, the price is going to be expensive.
    To see just what the difference more memory makes, see our benchmarking page:…

    Check the 15" and 13" 2011 MacBook Pros to see this 8GB in action…

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