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HTC Thunderbolt Release 21st March: As Reported On Facebook?

March 10, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Yet again patient readers, we have more news on the much talked about HTC Thunderbolt smartphone. Only earlier on today, Debbie here at OSM spoke about the possible handset being delayed yet again with news of the device now being months as oppose to weeks. For some time now we have been keeping you up to date with current goings on within the HTC/Verizon camp.

As well as giving you a specification listing when first announced, we have spoken of possible retailers that are lined up to sell the device if and when it finally arrives, and of course the persistent release date delays. Its fair to say that quite a big number of you out there are getting more than impatient, in fact some of you may have given up hope and opted for something else such as the forthcoming Droid Bionic. Some have even questioned why we have had release delays when no official date was really announced in the first place?

We are hoping that contrary to our previous posts, recent news, in a short while ago, may be about to turn everything on its head yet again. Jonathan Geller over at BGR via 2 independent sources, has now reported on a rumor that the big red Verizon’s LTE device, will arrive on shelves March 21st. This information has been found subsequently on HTC’s official Facebook page, indications of this were seen just a few weeks ago. As stated, if this is the case, then for those of you who have already put pre-orders through, may have to wait yet another week, but I guess this is better than months!

For now we can only hope that this will happen and we will have some indication on a concrete price, something of which still remains a mystery.

Have you given up hope already, or are you waiting for that one small miracle?

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  • Bill

    Two corrections to the story above, It was VERY OFFICIAL when I pre-purchased at BBY that the phone would be available on Feb. 14th. I even called several BBY stores to make sure of it. When I put up the $50, I asked the dept. mgr about the Blogs to the contrary and he assured me the 14th was official. Ask anyone at Vz and they will say it wasn't but Vz. lies to it's customers anyway. As for the 21st, it won't be released on a Monday.
    BTW, has anyone even noticed that VZ and HTC stopped advertising the Thunderblunder? Last Sunday HTC went back to advertising and pushing the VZ/HTC Incredable. VZ, the ZOOM. Does that mean anyting to all of these "rumor dates"? After selling the ZOOM in 3G, VZ can't say the network is not ready for 4G and have all of those customers annoyed after just buying the Zoom. People need to start reading between the lines rather than the dartboard calendar for release dates.

  • Mike

    I have still seen commercials for the Thunderbolt even today. But I have noticed the recent increase in HTC Droid Incredible ads lately. I thought that made no sense also the fact that the GAYPad2 is coming first when I never once seen any ads on TV or anywhere else for that matter


    Yeah they were quite official in giving me that same delivery date when I pre-ordered on 2/6. VZW is the 1 pullin this BS tho. As for them pullin commercials, I think HTC did it to show them they wouldn’t continue funding ads for it until release, but I think those ad slots must have already been paid for, so what did they choose to put in it’s place? The ad for the Incredible, which at the time had just been discontinued.