Retro Super Mario Bros: Gets Updated Sounds - Video

When it comes to videos on YouTube we do like to bring you some of the ones that we enjoyed and why not, they normally appeal to more people than just us! YouTube has become a place where you can post literally anything that you think other people will either laugh at, marvel at or in some cases just be freaked out by.

Some of the recent videos that we have reported on recently include Justin Bieber Vs. Lodovic Van Beethovan in one of the Epic Rap Battles of History, a funny basketball foul shot blooper, a devils & angels Family Feud video and the latest Remi Gaillard video: Remi Kart 2. Now we have one that we found equally amusing and we are hoping you will too.

Who remembers how good the original Super Mario Bros. game was on the NES, well the retro game has had some updated sounds added to the gameplay in a really amusing video that features at the bottom of the article.

You see Mario playing through the start of the first level of the first world with updated sounds all round including when he gets the mushroom. We particularly liked when he goes down the pipe with the sound of him falling.

Have you seen any other retro games that have had the sounds changed that made you chuckle? If you have then leave a link in the comments below.