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iPhone 4 64GB & White Spotted: Bigger Capacity Wanted?

March 9, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Do you find yourself having to delete stored media on your iPhone 4? Is 32GB just not giving you the storage space required for your everyday needs? Well fear not people as a mythical presence has arisen from the deepest darkest areas of the Internet.

After much speculation and rumor about its actual existence, BGR sourced video footage showing the supposed 64GB iPhone 4 device. While there has been much debate surrounding the high-capacity Apple, this is the first sighting of the handset.

On watching the clip you can instantly see that the device shares exactly the same styling as the current iPhone 4, minus the silver ring surrounding the camera and the plus and minus stamps on the volume buttons.

At the rear of the 64GB handset we could see the engraving XXGB and a model number 995-6049LL, it was also shown as running iOS 4.1. There was even a short clip of partial dissection with the back panel unscrewed and revealed.

Although there is a strong possibility that this footage is authentic, Engadget stirred up comments as to when and if the handset would be released. There were some that questioned the need for such a large capacity device when they thought the 32GB was more than adequate. Why not check out the clip for yourself here from M.I.C Gadget, and tell us what your thoughts are? Also see if you can spot the white iPhone 4 in the background.

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