Facebook Memorials: Be Remembered When You Pass

Facebook is loved by an army of more than 500 million users (and pets) but have you ever wondered how people will remember your presence on the social network when you pass over? Well we are now hearing reports that Facebook is a not only being used by sports and brands but it is set to become a virtual gravesite.

We first read about the service over at allfacebook.com where their author Gregory Pleshaw has written an article about this perhaps becoming a low-cost alternative to a will. The service is called ‘If I Die’ and then you can leave a message for your friends and loved ones.

The setup isn’t difficult, you simply install the app to your Facebook account, record your message then you need to appoint three of your friends to be at the ready confirm your death and your message will appear on your profile for all to see. Sounds a bit grim doesn’t it but their promotional video actually pokes fun at what can be a sorry subject – check it out at the bottom of the article.

It starts off with ‘Eddie’ at his funeral with the Facebook message playing saying unkind things to his loved ones. But for those who do take it seriously then go ahead and install the app. You can’t think that there might be some creative ones coming in maybe in a Spike Milligan style.

What do you think about this? What message would you leave? Let us know in the comments section below.