Nokia E7: Pre-Order Page Available Now With Price

Quite a few Nokia fans have been looking forward to the Nokia E7, we previously saw it listed on Amazon without a delivery date and we also reported that the Nokia developers were to be gifted E7 and WP7 handsets.

Following on from that, we can now inform you that the pre-order page for the Nokia E7 is now available with the price and shipping details. We asked you in a previous article if you were losing faith in Nokia because of the problems they have had with getting the N8 and the E7 out there to you guys and we are now wondering how well received this device will be.

The news comes through Phonedog’s Alex Wagner who reports some of the specifications of the device so let’s have a recap on them. It had an 8 megapixel camera with an LED Flash that is capable of 720p video recording, a 4” screen at a resolution of 360×640 and a 680MHz processor. It also has 256MB of RAM, 16GB of integrated storage and 1GB of ROM. The last detail is the OS and that is Symbian.

The device aesthetically is pretty cool, its 4” screen slides up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard however the $679 price tag on this device is enough to make you sick. There are a lot of other devices out there with comparable (or better) specs than this for less or equal money but hey, if Nokia is your thing and you want one of these then you can head through to the Nokia site and pre-order yours.

What do you think of the device? Is it overpriced? Let us know in the comments section below.