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Motorola Xoom WiFi Release Date Hint: Could be April 3

March 8, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Motorola Xoom WiFi Release Date Hint: Could be April 3

We’ve been bringing you all the news and speculation about the Motorola Xoom tablet, both before and after its release and recently told about the 4G LTE upgrade for the 3G version and how Motorola will even attempt the upgrade on rooted devices. Now we have news for you of a possible release date for the WiFi version of the Xoom in the U.S which many of you are waiting for, although the 3G version is already available.

Recently we informed you of speculation that Sam’s Club will be selling the WiFi version at a price of $539, instead of the $599, which was stated by the Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha. This would make the WiFi-only version of the Xoom a much more reasonable price than the 3G version. At that time there was no official word on a release date though it was rumored it could be available in the first week of April. Now it seems as though that could be accurate and there is a release date being widely rumored of April 3.

Kellex over on Droid-Life tells how they have found out from Staples that the WiFi-only version of the Xoom will be in their ad for the first time, dated April 3. Staples staff will eventually have the release date confirmed through online training guides so it’s worth staying tuned as we hope to hear more. No news yet though on the pricing of the WiFi version at Staples. A later update to the Droid-Life story tells how a leaked screenshot shows that Staples employees will begin training for the Xoom WiFi on March 23, which would fit nicely with a release on April 3.

Meanwhile Adam Mills over on also reports on this leaked information and says that although the 3G version has been out since February 24 the prices of $800 and $600 off and on-contract respectively, have simply been prohibitive for some, and so the demand for the WiFi only version is likely to be high. We’ll certainly bring you more news on this as we hear it. Will you be heading out to buy your WiFi version of the Xoom on release? Let us know what it is about it that makes your prefer it to other tablets, such as the Apple iPad 2 for instance.

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  • Ron

    I bought the Xoom 3G because it is vastly better than even the pimped up iP2 - Honeycomb is so much nicer and the ability to download whatever you want is pure heaven compared to the closed iTunes nonsense where you have to pay for everything. The Xoom can use bittorrent for all your favorite media - free of charge - and that's where HUGE savings come in. Anyone who thinks buying an Apple is "saving" money is a fool - dollar for dollar, spec for spec, the Xoom is better value by a huge margin.

    I won't go into the better experience with 16:10 vs 4:3 and the vastly better Chrome browser vs second rate Safari. The only thing Apple has is more apps - but as sure as night follows day, Android be the market leader, just as they are now in phones. Only makes sense as there are a slew of Android makers around the world, but only one Apple…

    And yes, I will go out and grab the Xoom Wifi - two are always better than one…

  • UniverseThinksToo

    i'm going to buy 2 Xoom 4G tablet computers from Verizon (for $599) on Thursday, for me and my girlfriend.=) +2 32Gb SD cards soon to have 64Gb Xooms 4G! Xoom is awesome. Can't believe, we can buy it now. Extremely powerful hardware + fresh, sleek, specially crafted for tablet computers Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Waiting for Adobe's Flash 10.2 for it.

    WiFi-only Xoom will make almost everyone happy.;)