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iPhone 5 Storage: Not Likely to Change - Would You Like More?

March 8, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Our attention has already turned to the Apple iPhone 5, after all the excitement of the iPad 2 announcement last week. We’ve had a number of hints from the iPad 2 launch about what we can expect for the iPhone 5, such as the new A5 chip and a likely white iPhone 5, but we wanted to turn our attention today to storage on the next-generation iPhone.

The storage options on the iPad 2 have not changed from the original iPad (16, 32 and 64GB) and at the weekend we wrote an article about which storage option you might need to opt for on the new tablet. We asked if in fact most of us only needed the 16GB version as the growing popularity of cloud storage might mean consumers don’t need as much onboard storage as they previously thought. As the storage options remain the same on the iPad 2 it seems likely that storage on the next-generation iPhone will also remain the same (16 and 32GB).

Increasing storage for the iPhone 5 would be a significant extra cost. Desire Athow over on ITProPortal estimates that to boost it to 64GB would boost the cost of materials by around a third. Daniel Chubb over on Product Reviews makes the good point of asking why Apple would improve storage options for the iPhone 5 when there are plans to increasingly push Cloud-based storage, as in iTunes Cloud. Despite this a poll on the site asking people if they would like more storage on the iPhone 5 currently shows that 73% say yes, so it looks as though consumers may not be convinced by the ‘Cloud’ yet.

We’d be interested to know your thoughts on this. Do you think that increasing cloud technology makes it fine for the iPhone 5 not to have increased storage options, or would you still rather see extra onboard storage on your next iPhone? Let us know with your comments please.

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