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YouTube No.1 Social Site For User Satisfaction

March 7, 2022 | Matt Tran

When we talk about the top end of social media, it is normally Facebook who greedily come at the top of everything. Well, Google’s video sharing site YouYube has out done Facebook this time around; they are the site with the highest user satisfaction.

With Facebook’s immense popularity also comes grumbling, as some users find themselves unhappy with security and privacy settings, updates and changes to the site and its features. YouTube is a different case, as there is not a great deal of major changes made to the site which a majority of users may enjoy. With millions of videos to wach and partnerships with music and on demand TV services, YouTube is a place to watch anything and everything.

Facebook excels in active users, logins, time spent on site, posts, interactions and valuation, according to research by Reelseo; however its video sharing rival is a different story. YouTube’s user satisfaction may just sky rocket a little higher if they can thrash out a deal with major sporting leagues, to stream live matches. There was talk of a partnership with the NBA and NHL, with European soccer also being a target.

If that is not enougth then the video site may up the ante some more with their Celebrity Channels; it has been proposed that Google are willing to pay around 20 of the most popular stars in the business to make their own channel and upload content to it on a regular basis, like home videos to give viewers a behind the scenes look at their life. If these deals can be secured then we could be looking at YouTube taking away a fair few of Facebook’s accolades. Leave us your thoughts, will YouTube rise above Facebook to be the biggest social site in the world?

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  1. Troy Downs says:

    I don't mean to be offensive to whoever wrote this article, but Matt Tran I have to ask you. Are you high on crack? When I saw "YouTube No.1 Social Site For User Satisfaction" I thought It was sarcasm. I'm sure you're aware of the huge changes that were made to the site when they changed the Layout of the entire channel and our personal channels. If you went to Youtube's official channel, you would see them talk about how popular their new changes have been, how happy everyone is with it. then you would look down and see page after page of comments from users, begging youtube not to change the layout, telling them how much they hate it, pointing out long lists of faults and bugs with the layout (and I do mean pages, I counted close to 1000 negative comments to the layout before I lost count, n that was only after a few pages).
    Youtube ignores it's users, it dosen't even have a customer support when things go bad. No contact page to get in touch with them, we're just left to try n figure it out for ourselves.
    and now, almost the same day as you wrote this article. Youtube has decided that if we want to use our own Youtube accounts, we have to use a google account. I have been trying for the past hour to log in to my own youtube account, and find myself unable because of youtube's rules. I've even heard from some friends who have had to just give up all together n just get used to browsing youtube without a account. and without access to my youtube account, I can't even try and use their joke of a customer support (which is just a forum of users complaining about things and being ignored)

    Is this your number 1 social site for user satisfaction? a site that ignores it's customers, even to the point where they flat out line when it's blatantly obvious how much of a lie they're telling? Honestly at this point, if you're saying youtube is number 1, why not just start saying Bebo is number 2, or start inventing random words to use, because that would hold about as much sense as your article.

    Again, no offence to you intended, but you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. A Child's school news letter would probably have more facts in it than this article

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