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HTC ThunderBolt Release Date: March 16 to Avoid iPad 2 Clash?

March 7, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes another snippet of news that turns everything on its head. The release of the HTC ThunderBolt on Verizon is surely one of the sorriest sagas of a release ever. We’ve published so many articles with release date rumors, leaks and speculation that in the end we published a release rumor roundup for readers to catch up.

We know from the enormous response to our previous articles, just how many of you are extremely frustrated and after our roundup we also told how Verizon had pleaded with customers for patience. Then we told how apparently the handset was ready to go and that HTC was growing increasingly tetchy with Verizon for it’s non-release so far, and only earlier today we told how one lucky punter had managed to get a hands-on look at one at a golfing event this weekend.

Over the last week the consensus of opinion that has spread across tech sites was that the most likely date for the arrival of the HTC ThunderBolt was March 10, which came from a leaked Best Buy roadmap and also seemed to be confirmed by SentNation’s Verizon Wireless contact. Now, and we can hardly believe this ourselves, it seems that it may be further delayed again. Many tech sites have picked up on the rumor that the iPad 2 release on March 11 may push the release date of the ThunderBolt back once more, this time to March 16.

Phones Review, sourced from Pop Herald, tells how it’s felt that the ThunderBolt will now be released after March 11 to avoid long lines in packed Verizon stores for the iPad 2 and the ThunderBolt at the same time. The article goes on to add that apparently Verizon sees March 16 “as the perfect release date.” As usual we’ll caution that this should be taken with a pinch of salt until we hear more but once again it’s looking ominous. If HTC was tetchy with Verizon over the non-release of the ThunderBolt before, surely the company will be livid by any further delays.

Quentyn Kennemar over on Phandroid tells how 2 HTC ThunderBolt’s were up for sale on eBay so at least somebody’s got their hands on it, however of course they were both quickly snapped up. We’ll be keeping our ears open in the next few days and will bring you any further snippets as we hear them and let’s hope that this rumor proves to be wrong and the ThunderBolt does finally get released on the March 10, but frankly we’re not holding our breath on that.

We’ve noted many comments now on our posts about the non-appearance of the ThunderBolt, and some are from people saying that the non-commital of a firm release date is now putting them off buying the phone at all. This further news then may lead to more consumers turning their back on the ThunderBolt, which would be a shame in a way, as it’s a pretty impressive phone, and the first 4G phone for the Verizon LTE network. What are your thoughts on this newest rumor and do you think the HTC ThunderBolt will ever see the light of day on store shelves? Let us know with your comments, just how you feel about this.

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Comments (35)

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  1. unonimous says:

    i am currently a verizon customer. i was planning on getting the thunderbolt, but after all of this, I am considering just completely switching over to t-moblie. verizon can go screw themselves, but I am not going to be a part of it any longer

    • Marc says:

      I switched to at@t 2 days ago. Here’s the deal…we had 2 smart phones our bill for both with Verizon with unlimited data and 1400 shared minutes was 240 dollars per month. Verizon offers friends and family where you can add up to 10 of the numbers you call the most so you don’t consume your minutes and go over your plan. I thought this was the norm and not a bad deal. Well let me tell you how wrong I was, it tool gong onto a Verizon store and being treated like a dog when I had an issue with my phone to head straight to AT&T to make the switch. I signed up for an IPhone 4 and a android phone. AT&T offers calls from cell to cell any provider anytime and doesn’t consume any contract minutes. The data plan is not unlimited however I’f you connect to wifi no data is consumed from your contract. You will never consume min and data to go over your contract. All of this plus with AT&T iphone4 you purchas an insurance policy through apple for a one time fee of around 70 bucks for 2 years, if you have a problem with your iPhone you walk into an apple store and they Hans you a new one. Verizon sells you some crap insurance with an outside company and you pay a lot of money to replace it. So here is the bottom line….my bill for AT&T is $145.00 per month $100.00 less per month and I have a 4g network for my android and my iphone4 can surf the web and make a phone call at the same time. Not to mention the customer service reps were amazing!

  2. Carol says:

    I am fed up. When my contract expires I may go to at&t since they seem to releae their phons in a timely fashion.

  3. scuba steve says:

    i think maybe there was a promise from verizon to apple, that they will sell so many iphone 4's and ipad 2's before they pushed a phone through that absolutely smokes the iphone in every way. i for one will wiat, no matter how hard it is, for the thunderbolt to arrive. JUST PLEASE HURRY VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. unonimous says:

    please bring the phone out. this is all im waiting for, verizon and bestbuy need to stop bullcrapping and bring out the phone

  5. Laura says:

    I think the whole thing is irritating. I've thought about switching carriers and getting the EVO instead and saying screw Verizon.

    • Melymel says:

      Hi Laura, I switched from Sprint to Verizon. I liked the Evo. I’m thinking about switching to another carrier.

  6. GGG says:

    Tell Verizon they can SUCK IT!!!! "Oh, we have to postpone so that it doesn't interfere with the iPhone!!!" "Oh, now we have to postpone again to make room for the iPad 2!!!!" (and, the iPad isn't even a phone.. how would that interfere, exactly?)

    I'm sick to DEATH of Verizon treating the Apple products like it's the Second Coming of Jesus. Or, like a rock star cutting in line, and making everyone else wait while Verizon seats them at their best table. Honestly, I don't even care anymore. I don't want the damn thing. I'm gonna pay $300 bucks after all this?? I think not. Hey, HTC, are you listening?? Because of Verizon, I'm not going to buy your product. I just don't give a $H!t anymore!

  7. mee says:

    f*** the Ipad!!! just release the damn phone already.

  8. Josh says:

    Was going to buy the Thunderbolt for sure, but said the hell with it and just bought a droid x for my renewal as well. Not happy about it, but just am sick of the changes. I don’t think it’ll be released in March and I’m wondering if it will ever be released to be honest. Oh well. Got my Droid X now. Thanks Verizon for ruining my hopes of getting the Thunderbolt.

  9. jghonda says:

    My eris was screwing up bad and couldn’t wait any longer. So today I switched to Motorola and the X. Always likes htc sense interface, but I’ve always wanted the X so I got it and im surprisingly happy with it. Soooooo big. I figured with having to wait for the TB, battery issues probable, not knowing about new tiered pricing for the 4G network, and the glitches to come with LTE …. no thanks. Ill stick with the X for at least a year. But will the thunderbolt be released by then?? Lol. Don’t laugh…..

  10. John S says:

    wow thats really a great decision…NOT!

  11. THUNDERFAIL! says:

    well if this phone doesn't come out on the tenth i have to get something else I have already sold my Droid on February 20th, I'm considering AT&T (atrix) or Sprint (EVO). After dealing with Verizon's HR when trying to get a job with them and their high prices and lack of customer insight I have decided they do not know what the ^&(* they are doing

  12. kukuk says:

    Teach Verizon a lesson. do not buy any apple products from them. if u really want one go straight to apple.

    • VZW4Life says:

      we dotn make aything of seeling th ephone from verizon anyway. it doesn tmatter where you buy it… but hey whatever makes you feel better…baha

  13. SMD says:

    I got my wife a fascinate last fall because I was waiting at that time for the HTC Merge for myself. That disappeared even after ads came out in magazines and accessories showed up in stores. I waited thru January then caught word of the Thunderbolt which I decided I'd get since it would most likely be coming out in February. I feel like I'm cursed now. HTC demons….OUT! I'm not leaving Verizon or anything drastic, but it does make me more interested in other phones. I'm just wasting too much time reading all the articles daily now. Funny how many ways these blogs/articles have of saying the phrase: "its really, really close". "It's close!"…"Its really, really close" (I actually read that) "Its Imminent" …"Its around the corner"… "Its coming"… "Its confirmed"… "Its unconfirmed"… "Its at Best Buy already" …"Its coming sooner than expected" (yeah, right) …and now, with the iPad2 releasing next week …"It's next!" Maybe I should just move on to other topics like they told me to.

  14. Wally Patti says:

    I got sick of waiting and bought the EVO on Spring on 3/4 after that rumored delay. Plus - I get unlimited data and pay less per month. My storm2 sucked and I didn't care much for the slow 3g speeds of Verizon.

  15. Guest says:

    I'm sick of all the waiting and rumors myself but these are all from bloggers and websites.
    Verizon has never committed a date for Thunderbolt.
    The iphone & ipad speculation are just rumors to justify why the Thunderbolt hasn't been released.
    I hope they are testing the thing to death because with all the delays the phone and 4g network better work well.

    • yourdumb says:

      i agree. i would rather wait longer for something that works, then hurry and get it and be disapointed. patience is key.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have considered just going with the Fascinate instead of waiting on this phone. With all the rumored release dates, battery problems, tiered data pricing, and who knows what else, its not worth it anymore. By the time the phone does come out the other phones will be just around the corner. Or will they? Will the late release of the Thunderbolt delay the release of the Bionic, Revolution, and unamed Samsung device? Think about it, if they are doing this for apple who's to say that it wont happen with the other upcoming phones?

  17. Ron says:

    If I had a choice of other carriers to switch to at this point I would do it, I too am fed up with the wait. unfortunatly my only choice is verizon. So I either have to wait for the Thunderbolt or go with a second rate out-dated phone. thanks for screwing me again verizon.

    • Verizon 4life says:

      its a phone people not the end of the world…Verizon rocks, you can get the evo or go to At&t bottom line. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR…less money = less service….If verizon wasnt the ish why would they be number one. You all sound like ten years old waiting on new pokemon cards…bahaha

  18. Adam says:

    I agree with everyone here. I have been waiting and waiting for the thunderbolt and it takes a back seat to the stupidly ridiculous Apple crap. I am considering switching to another carrier Just to get the EVO. This isnt HTC’s fault. This is Verizon. I have been with Verizon for 9 years and think this was the last little line of defense they had was a rollout with this phone. BITE ME VERIZON.

  19. yourdumb says:

    booo wat, the release date is pushed out again and again. be patient. would you rather them release a phone that had glitches or wait and fix the issues so there are less problems with the phone. those of you who switched over it are pathetic. you are going to switch from the best carrier because of a phoen release pushed back??? dumb

    • Bosty says:

      I agree… All other services in my area are inferior to Verizon. I have tried them all, and I live in a large metroploitan area. I can’t get 4G in Phoenix with Sprint. With ATT I can’t get service in my house. Verizon is the best, so stop this whining like a bunch of spoilled brats!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jay says:

    I have ATT and the service in NY is non existent. After years of no service and connection not available I was told by those who live in my apt complex that Verizon is what works here so I am limited. I am loathe to go to a company that treats its clients so poorly as Ive seen in this whole fiasco of mis-information. I waited many months for my ATT contract to expire, I put a deposit on a Thunderbolt weeks ago and still have no good phone or phone service to use. I looked at the EVo on Sprint but that doesnt get me too far. I thought about dropping down to the Incredible since there is no Verizon 4g where I live and I dont expect to see it any time soon but the incredible is a year old and in 2 years it will be 3 years old. UGH! Im so tired of being manipulated by these companies.

  21. flawless says:

    Id rather them test the ish out of it and launch it when its flawless, I'll wait

  22. Ange429 says:

    All I can say is that Verizon better hurry. I'm currently an AT&T customer, living in the Detroit area, and the service SUCKS!!! I have 3 phones on my plan, and pay nearly $200 a month for CRAP service. I've even got the iphone, and I'm so made about my service, I don't even want another phone with AT&T. As far as I'm concerned, someone else is getting my business, but Verizon better hurry, because I'm not waiting forever to get away from AT&T - because my contract is up!

  23. Patience says:

    Does anyone exercise patience? The lack of patienc is a sad sign of the times we live in; times of instant gratification. I want my toy and I want it NOW!

  24. Irritated says:

    Im stuck with a crappy Windows phone waiting patiently for this phone. How do i feel about this? VERIZON has def. become Apple's B*&%#

    • Nick says:

      I'm running an Envy touch. I REALLY want an upgrade. But I have been in SW Asia for the last umpteen months.(I had other means of comms)
      I'm gonna wait for this phone cause I'm not a spoiled little SH!t head. I understand that things don't automatically appear in my hands cause I want them.
      I'm pissed that its not avail. But, I also have only been led to believe by BB that its "around the corner."
      HTC nor Verizon have said shit, other than coming soon. So, I'm glad I didn't put a deposit down at BB. If your pissed at anyone, Best Buy is the fissure. Plug that bit#& with a Louisville…

  25. Tortoise says:

    I'm with you patience, people are far to self absorbed and constantly crave immediate gratification. Long gone are the days of the old adage that anything good is worth waiting for. Everyone wants everything now, now, now…which is half the problem with this country. It's even causing problems with politics because everybody thinks that things can change in a snap of a finger which causes even bigger problems because they approve of drastic changes that will just cause bigger problems because the real solutions that are needed require slow and steady changes that are thought out carefully and implemented realistically. Everybody thinks the hare will beat the tortoise but we all know how that story ends!

  26. Ashley says:

    They originally said that the Thunderbolt would be released somewhere between March and April, and you guys are getting hyped up for rumors? If you don't want the phone because you're pissed about rumors, buy a different one or switch services.

  27. Bill says:

    Use logic, not false rumors to figure it out.

    Verizon has had great sales numbers for the 1st. Quarter for its stockholders with the launch of the iphone 4, Moto ZOOM and iPad 2. Their sales numbers for the second quarter can’t drop so they will wait until the 1st two weeks of April or the second quarter to release the Thunderblunder. it is all about the bottom line and with the 2nd quarter only weeks away, they know customers will wait. Look for rate increases in the 3rd quarter. They have had plenty of time to fix their 4G phone network problems. If you look at the speed ratings for Verizons vs. Sprints 4g network, they are equal. If you look at the coverage areas for Sprint vs. Verizon, Sprint is looking better. Do the research. Look at the actual speeds vs. the projected speeds, projected is a way Vz. can claim they are faster but in reality they are no faster than Sprint.

  28. Kennedy Ray says:

    Apple iPad 2

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