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Collecting Customer Feedback: Web Apps to Help

March 7, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Here at OSM we often write about social media marketing and social media for business and recent examples of this include a look at shoppers’ buying behavior and mobile commerce and also a look at the social media ROI cycle. However although we often write about marketing and spreading the word about your product, we haven’t often thought about customer feedback and how to gather it and learn from it.

Studying customer feedback can be immensely important to businesses trying to improve their products or the services they offer, but it can be time-consuming and use up valuable resources. However there are some web apps available that will help your business gather its customer feedback online and therefore help you to engage in customers in ways to benefit your business.

An article by Josh Catone over on Mashable, (previously posted on the American Express OPEN Forum), is extremely useful as Catone has rounded up a selection of web apps that will help you with customer feedback. One example is UserVoice, a forum which customers can access either from a dedicated page, or from a widget on your website. Ideas from customers can be voted on so you can find out exactly what people are looking for and what ideas might be most productive. Business owners can also respond to messages on the forum. The price of UserVoice varies with some app plans free and others costing $289 per month and more.

Feedbackify is another alternative that could work for your business. There’s just one plan that costs $19 per month and it’s a website widget enabling business owners to ask questions of visitors and gather feedback. This is a more limited app as there’s no option for replying to feedback directly from the app and no voting from customers, but of course you can respond to customer feedback in other ways.

Another great tool is OpinionLab, which you can use to collect feedback from various sources such as social media sites, e-mail and websites. The feedback is analyzed and sorted and pricing varies. Feedback can be gathered from open response areas and also from multiple choice questions. Customer information providing useful details such as referral page, web browser and operating system, is also collected.

To find out more and see the other suggestions for customer feedback web apps check out the Mashable link above. Does your business use any of the above web apps to gather customer feedback? Alternatively can you suggest one we’ve not mentioned here? Let us know with your comments.

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