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Apple iPhone 5: To Feature New Antenna and Aluminum Back?

March 7, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Now that the iPad 2 has finally been announced all of our attention has turned to the Apple iPhone 5, due to be released in June at WWDC 2011. Today we have heard news of a possible new antenna design and also an aluminum backing for the next-generation iPhone.

After the debacle of the antenna problems for the iPhone 4 it had been thought that the Verizon iPhone, which was finally released last month, would have no further antenna issues, but sadly we have already reported on some people experiencing signal loss. We’ve issued many articles now on news and speculation for the iPhone 5 and recent posts have included concerns over it meeting minimum battery life standards, rumors of an LTE-enabled iPhone, the fact that a white iPhone 5 looks promising and the possible addition of FaceTime HD, among many others. However what will count most for Apple and its consumers, will surely be that the next iPhone doesn’t experience another excruciating antenna saga.

An article by Arnold Kim over on MacRumors, sourced from GadgetsDNA, talks about a new antenna design and also a new aluminum casing, which would do much to alleviate concerns from some customers about the glass backing on the iPhone 4. An Economic Daily News report from Taiwan, tells how the glass backing led to issues of scratching, weight, and may have contributed to the difficulties Apple had producing a white iPhone 4, which has still never been released. You can see a photo of a mockup iPhone 5 below that shows what it may look like with an aluminum casing.

As far as the antenna goes, the external antenna looks as though it will be replaced with an antenna located behind the Apple logo and not on the side, which led to so many problems. If the report is accurate the new A5 processor chip also looks probable, the same as on the iPad 2.

We think that if the iPhone 5 looks anything like the mockup above it would look pretty good but what are your thoughts on this and also the rumors of a new antenna design? Let us know with your comments please.

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  • venus

    …I love this look more than others…

  • venus

    …I like this look more than others,they are fat,ugly,but this one is my type,hope white iphone 5 come out soon…