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Sony Cyber-Shot 30x Optical Zoom DSC-HX100V: Closer Look

March 6, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

You may remember back at the start of February we reported on Sony’s latest bridge camera after some leaks had been confirmed. Well we managed to source a hands on report from Pocket-lint who had the pleasure of Sony’s company for the day.

Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V packs the sort of zoom that you would expect to find in a camera twice as expensive and twice as heavy. Its 30x optical capabilities gain SteadyShot image correction through its Active Mode, giving perfectly stable pictures every time.

As Cnet report with this sort of zoom potential it gives you roughly 200 metres of photo travel over that of the naked eye.

Enabling an SLR type feel, the HX100 offers a manual-zoom focus adjustment ring, added to the standard toggle switch operation. This gives it a far greater ability over last years HX1 that it supersedes.

Other improvements come in the form of the high-resolution panoramic shot mode, which with a slightest touch of the shutter button and a sweep across, means you can capture 40 million pixels in 10480×4096. Twin auto modes add to the advantages giving the options of intelligent and superior selection. The viewing facility is from either its electronic viewfinder or the 3-inch tilting LCD screen.

Across the new Cyber-shot range including HX7, HX9, WX7 and WX10, comes the implementation of a 16.2 megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor.

With an on the shelf date of sometime in April, there is still a few tweaks that Sony will complete before we get our hands on it for real. Prices should stand at around the £400 mark, which makes the HX100 a real contender in the bridge camera market.

Do you look for the best spec at the cheapest price and does the Sony HX100 appeal to you?

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  • Bobe

    Does it have a night-shot like HX9 ??

  • UK_Greg

    No it doesnt have night shot.
    I have an old DSC-F717 somewhere and that had the Nightshot. It also had the Manual Zoom / focus ring that is making a come back wiith the HX100v
    It also has some nice 3d features not mentioned in this review. Plus GPS (including direction that the camera was pointing)

  • Bobe

    Tnx for reply.
    Sorry, my mistake, i meant on sony dsc h-9.
    Its very cool feature on that price camera in that time. About 4-5? years ago i bought mine and very pleased with it. Olympus is much more compicated (560/570-uz) wich was my second choice, couse i use zoom a lot and no need for dslr-amater.
    Think ill buy hx-100 when it comes.