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Facebook Shut Down for Earth Hour? : Campaign with video

March 6, 2022 | Debbie Turner

If you’ve never heard of Earth Hour I should tell you that it has been taking place for the last 4 years and is a global movement that aims to make people more aware of climate change and the environment. This year a campaign has started up on the Internet to urge giant social networking site Facebook to join in with this year’s Earth Hour.

People, businesses and organizations throughout the world, are urged every year to turn off all their lights for just one hour, starting at 8:30 pm local time and previously we’ve seen the lights going off on the Eiffel Tower for an hour, and also the Empire State Building and other places of note across the world. This year’s Earth Day takes place on March 26 and the campaign to get Facebook to take part, by putting up the shutters for one hour, is being widely reported across the Internet.

An article on The Independent tells of this campaign which, we should point out, has not been initiated by the actual organizers of Earth Hour, the WWF. You can find details for this year’s Earth Hour at The campaign was begun by “Toronto resident and Earth Hour enthusiast” Angie Bird who appealed to the social networking site and its founder Mark Zuckerberg with a video (which you can see below this story). Blogs such as Ecorazzi spread the word and now the campaign is receiving a lot of media coverage from various outlets. If you want to see more about the campaign you can read about it (ironically enough) on Facebook here.

What are your thoughts on the campaign to get Facebook to shut down for one hour on March 26? Surely we could all get by without Facebook for one hour? Let us know with your comments.

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  • climate9

    Here's the opposing Facebook page:…

    Keep Facebook on for Earth Hour!

  • PDK
  • Luanne McGill Ashe

    For my part, and the part of my household, since we do not share the beliefs and practices of this New Age Greenist Ecult-ogy religion, we are going to have all our lights blazing, every appliance working, and leave the home empty, while we go for a long drive in the countryside. So WHAT if FB shuts down. We have REAL LIVE friends to party with.