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Nexus One: Is Android 2.3.3 Killing Your Battery?

March 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

The Nexus One is undoubtedly a great device but we are hearing reports from friends and also from other websites that Android 2.3.3 is killing the battery life of the device. A significant number of users have reported the issue following the update but we are wondering how and why?

Over on Phandroid there is an article written by their author Kevin Krause where he also mentions the disagreements over Google Voice and that the complaints against the Nexus One are continually growing. Good battery life is something that is sought after and that may be a reason you bought your Nexus One but there are a few things since the update that are telling us that it maybe shouldn’t have happened.

One user has reported that the battery life went down by 40% overnight while the device was sat there idle. The issue is apparently to do with the way that Gingerbread is handling the idle services while the phone has its screen off sleeping.

Krause was also kind enough to direct us through to an ongoing thread where workarounds are being talked about but as yet there is no solution for the problem, you can keep up with it using this link. Hopefully they will sort it out soon.

With all that in mind, we want to know from you guys if you have experienced any battery deterioration on your Nexus One since you upgraded it to Android 2.3.3? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Matt

    Sure have. It says that the "Media" process, including Downloads, DRM, Media Storage, and Download Manager is CONSTANTLY using 3G for something. My phone goes dead just sitting there after a couple of hours.

    No problem yesterday before I downloaded Gingerbread.

  • John

    My battery is drain after 10 hours, before I could use the phone for about 30 hours!

  • Tim Ollason

    Wow John. That’s quite a difference! You should add your contribution to the google thread if you haven’t already. Thanks for commenting

  • Boris

    Had the same problem but found a fix that works for me.
    I removed all the wi-fi networks and added them again. Now Android OS power consumption is back to normal

  • Ahmad Hajou

    I slept for 2 hours and now the battery is down 15 %, ill try ur solution Boris

  • Lisa

    i got here after googling this problem, my phone used to sit idle for about a week without charging, now im lucky if it lasts one day, these are NOT exaggerations, i am really really annoyed! every time i go to use my phone it has drained completely. and im cursing as i go to find the charger just to make a call.

    who knows how many calls ive missed.