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Justin Bieber Vs. Beethovan: Epic Rap Battles Of History

March 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

As our regular readers will know we cover many of the YouTube viral videos but we probably don’t even scratch on the surface of the number of them out there. Within recent reports you will see ones such as the Funny Foul Shot Blooper, the Devils & Angels Family Feud clip and the last Epic Rap Battle of History featuring Hulk Hogan against Jong-Il.

Now we have another one and this one is a classic, for all you Justin Bieber fans out there you will get to hear him rap battle against the legendary Ludovic Van Beethovan. We can’t decide who wins this one but the teen pop singing sensation that regularly features in our Twitter Top 10 certainly takes a bit of stick from Ludo!

For those of you who may not haven’t seen the previous Epic Rap Battles of History, watchers get to decide who goes head to head in crazy rap battles. Adolf Hitler Vs. Darth Vader was a favorite of ours and the one at the bottom of our article is the latest in the series.

The videos are rising in popularity as their creator ‘Nice Peter’ continues to amuse the world, we are fans but we would have to warn you before you watch the video, some of the language is choice.

Which is your favorite Epic Rap Battle of History and who would you like to see? Let us know your suggestions in the comments and we might be able to throw them over to the creator.

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