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HTC Thunderbolt Release: Ready to go - HTC upset with Verizon

March 5, 2022 | Debbie Turner

The saga of the HTC Thunderbolt and its continuing elusive release date is one that we know many of you are interested in. Now we hear that the handsets are in fact ready to go and being shipped to stores and also that HTC is not impressed with the way Verizon has been handling the situation.

We’ve published so many articles about the leaked release dates and delays for the HTC Thunderbolt, that eventually we published a roundup of all the release rumors, so if you want more on the background check it out at the link. This is the first 4G phone for the Verizon LTE network and has generated a lot of interest, plus has great specs such as the 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 8-megapixel camera and 4.3-inch display. However we’ve had many comments from frustrated consumers waiting to get their hands on this smartphone and we previously pointed out that the release delay was a bit of a PR disaster from the main players concerned, HTC, Verizon and Best Buy.

Finally Verizon tried to appease customers with an appeal for patience on its Facebook page and then yesterday we told of yet another promotional ad so it seems the teasing goes on. One concern had been that the phone may have battery and signal issues and it was this that was leading to the delay. However we have now heard that the phones are winging their way to stores very shortly, although for some reason there’s still no release date confirmed. The most likely date release date is still widely felt to be March 10, so that’s not too much longer to wait.

The latest news came from Chris Burns over on Android Community who reports on a phone call between SentNation and its Verizon Wireless contact, and it seem that HTC is swiftly losing patience with Verizon and threatening to pull advertising. HTC want this thing released, and they want it released soon and the Verizon contact said that “things were being finalized.” This person also said it was being shipped “ahead of schedule” and also felt that the news would be made public in the next day or so but no later than Tuesday, and also seemed to confirm March 10 for the release. You can see a transcript of the phone conversation over on Android Community at the link above.

So it seems that HTC is certainly not happy with Verizon but we’re starting to wonder if, far from being a marketing PR disaster from Verizon, this release saga was a stroke of genius. After all, everybody’s talking about the Thunderbolt and maybe that’s just what Verizon was after, although that does seem to be pushing theories a bit too far! If you still want to find out more about the HTC Thunderbolt, head to the HTC product page here for more information.

Are you still intending to wait for the HTC Thunderbolt and what will you do if the release doesn’t come on March 10 after all? Why not let us know with your comments.

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Comments (16)

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  1. Nick says:

    I took my pre paid card back and canceled 4 lines. I waited to long for verizone 4 g and went with sprint, thunderbolt just lost 4 more phone lines…… GOOD GOING VERIZON !

  2. JennaLeigh says:

    First and foremost, I’m almost relieved to hear HTC is expressing frustration. As a consumer who pre-ordered at BestBuy, I have been wrapped up in the hype from day one and have found myself feeling more frustrated as each possible announcement day comes… and goes.

    I’m still holding out for the bolt though! I think this phone will be the best addition yet, to the line of HTC handsets ive owned, and even though Verizon is taking their good ole time, i cant allow myself to just select a different phone and be done with it. I ordered all my accessories ahead of time and all I can do now is play the waiting game.

  3. Tom Jerry says:

    Went to Sprint and bought Evo. Couldn't be happier, plus I get a discount and they offer very competitive services. I tried to stick in there and wait, shame on you Verizon. Seriously, what was I waiting for?

  4. dave says:

    If it doesn't come out on the 10th, I will wait for the Motorola phone in June. the price on this one might drop a bit.

  5. drew says:

    Waited and waited and finally bought 2 evo’s for my business. Good job Verizon.

  6. CNA Ray says:

    I'd hate to lock into a 2-year contract with this phone. I don't trust Verizon anymore. For last 2-year contact, Verizon sold me an unreliable POS known as the enV Touch, which quickly malfunctioned. So for 22 months I've been using a refurbished POS. That's my Verizon experience — using a banged up, used POS phone for years on end.

  7. justin says:

    verizon…i have been waiting and waiting…i am very disappointed in many people are angry..i am fucking irritated…you are starting to disgust me with these release dates being untrue and you not even giving a reason disappointed..

  8. AS says:

    Well, just know that as soon as you purchase this phone, it is going to be out-dated. Really, it’s just an updated version of the Sprint’s EVO minus the hdmi output jack. There is nothing really new and exciting being offered with this phone except maybe the network that it’s going to run on . . .

    and the cost of that is just another unknown, like the price of the phone and the release date.

  9. Bob says:

    I have been waiting for almost thre years. I have been a Verizon cutomer from the start. Just after Verizon opened I have been with them and no one else. The main reason is that I use the phone for my business. I have been out on jobs when the other person I was with had " Dropped calls" I asked them who did they have and they said " At& T. In anybusiness, dropped calls are never good. My daughter hes a Apple I Phone in Alaska. She showed it to me like it was a token. So here I go waiting for Verison to get that phone. Then I heard that Verison was getting this Thunderbolt. I soulded very good and I liked the additional fetures it offered. But I have to say I am getting very tired of the waiting. If the phone does not come out on March 10th, I guess I will go with the Droid or the othere HTC that they do have.

  10. Joshua Green says:

    I have been using a Black Berry and was so excited about the ThunderBolt from HTC. But like others have said, rumors of issues with the phone and Verizons 4G network not really being all that I might just move over to Sprints EVO. I am a bit tired of Verizon's arragance that they can treat their customers this way. It should be noted that I have been a Verizon fan for about 10 years now and have seen them make great strides in customer service etc. But they are way over priced and the muck up with the Thunderbolt is a sign for me to just move on and try another service. I can always come back to Verizon at a later date should they repair their image.

    To all those that are getting the Thunderbolt, I truly hope it works out but im done waiting.

  11. doug says:

    Jenna you're an idiot, anyone to buy accessories for a phone not yet delivered is so. Also who cares anyway, it is a phone you morons. juat a phone geeeez, get a freaking life people

  12. doug says:

    as, you're an idiot too, outdated, really? there is nothing this phone wont do tht you neeeeeed it to do for the next year,,,,,,,,,,,,,,get a life pal

  13. Matt says:

    All you people saying Verizon is pissing you off with release dates are all just ignorant. Sure, it's frustrating to be taunted with a phone, but Verizon has never said anything about an official release date so there's really nobody to be mad at except the people online who made up the dates (and yourselves for believing them).

    Believe me I want the TB as bad as you all do but stop saying way to go Verizon you just lost customers cause they haven't done anything wrong.

  14. Don says:

    While Verizon didn’t give a release date I still think as customers Verizon still could have informed us or atleast let us know those rumors were in fact untrue. And instead of saying “sooner then expected” given us a release date/price and 4g data plan price that’s the least Verizon could have done

    • Michael says:

      Don, Verizon would have to hire a complete department to address every rumor on these silly sites. You are asking Verizon to give a price and a date to a device they haven't released yet. Well that isn't public because they haven't released it yet. Once it is released that is when they will give that info.
      Everyone is pissed at Verizon for not releasing a phone that they never stated a release date for. Just because you get a release date from some "inside info bs" site and it is wrong you should get pissed at the sites with the BS info and not Verizon. Verizon said it will be launched in the 1st quarter and yes we are still in the 1st quarter. When we get to the second quarter and you don't have the Thunderbolt then you can get mad a Verizon.

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