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Funny Foul Shot Blooper - YouTube Video Goes Viral

March 5, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We at OSM love our the viral videos that hit YouTube, some of the ones that we have seen recently are a Devils & Angels Family Feud clip, Remi Kart 2, Johnny Mac the trick shot quarterback and of course the Epic Rap Battles of History where Hulk Hogan is facing off against Jong Il.

The majority of these videos have gone nuts on YouTube pulling in millions of views and today’s is no different, it’s titles Funny Foul Shot Blooper and we don’t think we will ever see anything like this ever again as it is so strange and unusual. This particular video so far since its upload on March 2nd has managed to pull in more than 1.6 million views.

The video shows UCONN vs West Virginia and the UCONN number 34 takes his shot, the ball bounces around the basket a bit and then somehow comes to rest against the backboard on the rim and sits there. The bits that amused us the most were firstly the way all of the players run underneath the basket awaiting the ball’s return to the floor and then they all stand up slowly as if to say – what the heck? The second part we liked was on 0:17 where a kid in the crowd is doing something a bit crazy with his arm.

What did you think of the clip? Have you ever seen anything like that before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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